Saudi Arabia -ARAMCO sale

Posted: October 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

Saudi Arabia has changed is mind and decided to sell its crown jewel Armco (the owner of all Saudi oil) via private sales and not IPO. Or at least IPO make it to the market in minor flavour in 2019.

There quite large geopolitical repercussions if the move.

The private buyer will probably be China. This has implication both as strategic positioning (already with the Russian arms deal the Saudis were distancing from the US) and also for the USD. The USD has been the currency reserve of the world specially after the win of the 2WW and the pact to price oil in USD in 1971. And China is already testing a gold backed Yuan oil transaction system.

On the other side is an admission that even the Saudis cannot control the oil prices with fracking and EV vehicles on the rise.


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