Australian insight with an International Hedge

In this blog you will find a different approach to investments, the political approach.

Usually the mantra say that Economist are not good at forecast. This is true as often the data are manipulated for general consumption. If you have patience and a “data analysis gift”, you can still find the truth.

The truth is important as you can understand how the truth is perceived and then used. It is not conspiracy theory, even if often we come close to it. Unfortunately often I do not have time to delve too much as this is a hobby.

I still look careful at Fundamental and Technical Analysis, but my focus is the Government intervention on the markets, you can call it Quantitative Easing or other more subtle forms of manipulation. It is a more strategic approach as, with manipulation, you cannot trust the various type of investment analysis anymore. You need to have a kind of “intelligence” style  approach.

Sometime I will also discuss interesting pieces of information that ‘escapes’ (for the better term) the media.

As one of the best, and most realistic, spy stories writer John Le Carre, describes this is a world where politicians and persons of power are willing the end justifies the mean, painting a world in different shades of grey with no heroes nor villains.

This blog is the follow up of the successful follow up to my previous one,

Fabio Ferro was the portfolio manager at WE Private, a boutique independent Australian style family office based in Melbourne, Australia. As  We Private got purchased by an institutional player, now I am looking again for something different

Previously, Fabio worked as portfolio manager in a different Australian financial planning practices.

Before coming to Australia, Fabio was living in Italy, and working as a specialist consultant for a number of international hedge funds.



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