Election: a moral dilemma

Posted: November 10, 2020 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the media dictatorship.

Biden beat Trump, but not a great margin. Well over 40% of Americans believed in him.

This happened notwithstanding an unheard-of media campaign against President Trump to the point that the media switched off a Presidential speech in mid stream.

We could be all happy as apparently most hated President Trump, but this is against Freedom of Speech.

Once they do it one time for their good cause, they could do it for another cause.

Now Pfizer released the news that their vaccine is almost ready. This news was due to come out in early October, but Pfizer got such a backlash by the media and community that they waited the election.

This was due so Pfizer and their vaccine would not influence the election. Actually they did influence the election, but in favour of Biden, as the media wanted.

And by the way- a month delay in Covid-19 cost the life of thousands of people.

What a price to get rid of the crazy President Trump, the only second US President in history, after Jimmy Carter, not to start a US war.

And yes, also Jimmy Carter was a one-term President.

I am not pro-Trump, but I wonder.


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