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China is fully targeting Australia. The idea is making an example so other countries would get scared and comply.

Especially with the new US President that wants to build anti Chinese alliances.

Australia in the last year has stood firm against China influence and aligned itself with India, Japan, Taiwan and other nations subject to the aggressive influence of China.

China decided to target Australia as it is an easy target: Anglo-Saxon like the US and dependant on China like no-one else. At 35% of export Australia is the only developed country so dependent on China.

It is interesting to see how as the Chinese, with their imperialistic view of the world , they misunderstand the Western democracy. Their behaviour will likely spur more alliances against the Chinese.

My biggest worry is that the Chinese shows the same misunderstanding that Hitler had invading Poland (and please I am no comparing China with Nazi Germany – it is about policy misunderstanding ). After several concessions (annexation of Sudetenland (Czech), Austria) Hitler did not think that the UK and France would declare war over Poland.

A similar situation can be drafted for China. No major power contested their annexion of Hong Kong and part of India’s territory. This could spur to consider a Taiwan invasion that would be a “Poland” moment.