A battle on two fronts – Iran

Posted: October 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

President Trump- still proceeding with its dismantle anything Obama, charged against Iran.

Geopolitically it is a supremely unthoughtful thing to do – even if he toned down its own version.

  1. You do not open a second front when you already confronting North Korea – specially as North Korea and Iran have been proven to collaborate on weapon system.
  2. Iran had quite serious internal problems between the various factions – the push will probably embolden and unite the military side that President Trump wanted to hit.
  3. The agreement has been supported by various side and specially the European allies of the US – so this introduce another split between US and Europe.
  4. Iran has an incredible war machine – specially in asymmetric warfare. So much so that, in running battles with Israel, it is the only side that sometimes wins and sometime lose against the almighty Israeli army (usually the other side just gets beaten)
  5. There is already an alliance Turkey, Iraq and Iran that encompasses the entire North Middle east.
  6. Iran can easily hit the US asymmetrically in Iraq and Syria at least. Or reinforce the Houthi in Yemen. And these are just easy targets.

Opening such a second front is really dangerous.


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