North Korea

Posted: October 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

North Korea is more and more tilting towards war.

North Korea advised that they will restart usuing the Kaesong shared industrial facility (but without agreement from the South).

Several reports from Russia hints to a probable real ICBM (12,000km radius) missile test.

The war of words (now insults) is going on.

On the US the tempo of “friendly” military exercise is growing (4 this month!). Also some new weapon systems have been put in place (aircraft carrier and sub at least).

One dark theory is that there is a strange race going on. Republicans are really starting to get tired of President Trump, but they need to keep him until the tax reform is passed.

For President Trump a way to stop being impeached or deemed unfit for command would be to start a war before that as those proceedings are almost impossible to achieve in war time.

Unfortunately it makes sense. A doom race.


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