Mercedes starts the real electric revolution

Posted: June 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Mercedes has a long history of introducing technologies that then become mainstream (in 1981 Mercedes put for the first time an airbag in a car (W-126 S Class).

And it just pulled a new one. The new S Class engine (M 256) a mild 48V system that produces just 20cv.

The big news is that this technology will be introduced in ALL Mercedes model.

It is not hybrid and it will not be designated as hybrid, but from the next development on all Mercedes will never again be just conventionally powered.

Definitely this technology will be mainstream – so in the future we will have hybrid cars and  electrical-assisted cars.

Before you jump in the graphite-lithium investment bandwagon – be warned that, for a lot of player the full price of the revolution is already priced in.

More concerning, lithium is quite scarce an there are new similar technologies that will take its place as there is not enough of it.

As the past has always been one source to another (Eg coal to oil) – this time it will be from oil to multiple energy sources.


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