Clinton nominee, in a non voting day

Posted: June 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hillary Clinton is the official nominee as she clinched the required a non voting day!

A day ago, without any election, Associated Press announced that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat Party  nominee.

Apparently this was based”on a discussion with establishment insiders and donors” (not identified).

They were definitely worried to bring Sanders to the Convention (25 July) and so they can now focus on Trump.

But as my belief is we live in a Plutocracy..look at this

Pledged delegates
Clinton: 1,812
Sanders: 1,521

Clinton: 571
Sanders: 48

Where is the trick? The Superdelegates are not voted by anyone.

They are automatically selected from party leaders, elected officials, governors etc.

And guess what? 400 (on 714) of them pledged support to Hillary Clinton…10 month BEFORE the campaign started.

Once again…we live just in another regime like China and Russia.



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