In the Game of Brexit valar morghulis

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

From the Game of Thrones translates into “every man must die”.

The Game of Brexit has started.

Polls will not indicate much. The base is to shallow on average (approx 2000 people on 63 potential voters). More interesting is the pro Brexit article on The Sun, major UK newspaper.

So why the scaremongering? The data shows while the pro Brexit camp will vote in full…the Bremain data show a lower participation (referendums are not compulsory) the need of scaring the people into voting.

And if  Brexit  wins, the entire Europe is compromised (already there are voices, if Brexit wins, that Denmark wants to held a similar referendum). France, Austria and Spain will follow and Greece will fold.

By the way, it would just accellerate a process already underway.

As market goes the SP500 is still technically in uptrend – just.
The strange thing the VIX (vol index ) skyrocketed…but the SP500 held .
In reality means that institutions thinks Bremain will win, but they are protecting the downside.

So nobody knows. Let’s wait the 23 June 


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