Putin:”Syrian” Mission Accomplished

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Another international masterstroke of Putin (unfortunately is not as good in economy and internal politics, but that is another story).

Russia has declared Mission Accomplished in Syria and is leaving the fight. Unknown to many also Iran declared mission accomplished and ordered the main corp of Hezbollah to go back to Lebanon and protect its frontier.

When all the West was expecting an Afghanistan style quagmire, Putin showed that he learned his lessons.

He intervened when the Syrian government was failing, reinforced it and made it regain the initiative and now is backing out (but still giving support).

In a sense the West should learn. You cannot impose democracy in a society that is not ready (in Europe it took over 100 years and multiple wars in the XIX century before we arrived to what we consider democracy).

It obtained what it could (he could not link Syria and Ukraine in a discussion with the US), but now it will be strong part of the peace talk and in a better position in discussing the European sanctions (July).

Also now that Russia stops the main bombing also the immigration flow will slow.

Russians continue their tradition of being master chess players on multiple strategies.


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