Race on: Trump and Clinton

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well that is quite a definitive Super Tuesday 3.

Funny things. A race is not over till it is over – but

Trump could be not elected only via dodgy schemes of the republican conventions (there are some rules -quite difficult to understand and explain. In effect if he does not reach 1237 delegates things can get really messy. Also if he reaches that level there are other rules that could apply. Definitely quite far from Democracy, but a clear and definite risk since the establishment hates him.

Kasich won also, but he would need more than all the candidates to win. That the news spruce him so much just tell you that he is an establishment guy.

Clinton instead is set for a clear run. Unless the FBI really indicts her with charges related to the email scandal (the grand jury just granted immunity to a senior staffer). If this play out, again weird rules apply and probably it will not Sanders to become candidate, but  a special ballot at the convention with numerous potential candidates. But clearly, from several interviews,  she is the best candidate in the opinion of President Obama – a powerful friend.

The polls in a Trump vs Clinton are still full on for Clinton (5 polls to 1)- but for the first time USA Today in a 15 March poll the winner was Trump.

It seems a race for Establishment vs Democracy to me. A more interesting race than ever!


From Politico.comCapture Trump vs Clinton


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