China, Australia and real estate: the police needs to up their game

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Australia seems in a serious need of some Italian police expertise.

The saga of the Treasurer Hockey pushing the sale of the Villa Del Mare property owned by Chinese billionaire Jaiyin.

The property was quietly sold to an ex Chinese actress and socialite Wan Yang.

Wan Yang is part of the ultra high net worth Chinese circle and the more you dig in that circle you just see how everything is connected.

Funny enough there is a real simple way to stop all of this.

The Chinese government showed an extreme seriousness in willing to stop at least a part of this game (probably the circle of gold linked to the pre November 2014 Politburo – my opinion).

So the Australian Police should ask the help of the Chinese police and some expertise from the Italian police which is fighting for over 50 years with this issue – with quite a lot of success (even if the Mafia cannot really be defeated).

Maybe, just maybe, someone is just to scared to really stop the flow of Chinese money in Australian real estate.

Just a possibility.


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