Greece: the USA weighing in

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

The US has been long time player behind the scenes (well, they are the major investor in the IMF), but yesterday they started to apply pressure directly and officially.

Apparently in the apparent stand off, they are seen an increasing probability of Graccident.

It is not true that they are greatly worried about the collapsing Greece and economic consequences, what they are worried about are the geopolitical consequences.

Greece is like an unsinkable aircraft carrier, that can block the Black Sea access (Ukraine) and put pressure on Turkey.

If you remember that already Cyprus “tends” to Russia, a fall of Greece (bankruptcy, exit from Euro and then exit from NATO) could lock the US to practically all North East Mediterranean (Syria,  Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia) and put even pressure to Turkey and Israel.

If then you consider that Russia and China are becoming more and more friendly, you will understand why the US has to weigh in.


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