28 February 2015: the Share Market will take the first Greek exam!

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

All eyes are on Greece, but no one moves.

There are opening from the EU officials and moderation speeches from Syriza.

But eventually they will clash. When? Well the 28th February the Greek bailout will finish and there are several refinancing debt.

28 February, Greece should have access to Euro 7 Billion, in part to repay Euro 4.2 Billion in February/March.

Then the next big tranche (over Euro 9.8 Billion) will be between end of June and August 2015.

There will be fervid negotiation trying to reclassify the Greek as something different so not to entice Portugal, Spain, Italy to follow a similar path.

Watch this space…in a sense this pattern would follow the classic market pattern of the last few years…strength until February followed by a weakness.


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