Ukraine, Russia and US (updated)

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Russia and USA are going steady towards the Cold WAR Reloaded.

The US has refreshed the old cold war strategy to store tanks and weapon in selected European locations.

Also two experimental blimps (high tech hot air balloons) with capacity to detect incoming cruise missiles have been launched over Washington

Meanwhile Russia is developing a new set of weapons to counter the US enemy – new nuclear power cruise launcher submarine, a new predator style drone and the PAF 50 a stealth fighter.

Meanwhile the war in Eastern Ukraine is going on. The battle for Mariupol is a kind of game of chess. The Russians needs a “bridge” to Crimea to ensure it does not get isolated before the US training and “secret” help to the Ukrainian Army changes the dynamic of the conflict. In a sense the Russians do not want a full attack of Mariupol, but need to gain a ground advantage.

Updated: The US is considering sending lethal weapon systems to the Ukrainian Army (NATO General Breedlove).

This is a clear red line for Vladimir Putin and could push Russia to a real invasion.

I often explained that for Russia Ukraine has to remain weak or destabilized as the Russian Army lost 1 million men to recapture it from the Nazis and they know that a car can take just 8 hours drive of flat territory without geographical obstacles to reach Moscow.

And if you say…NATO is not interested in conquering Russia, Vladimir will say in 1930 Germany did not even have an army. In 1942 the Nazi arrived at 200km from Moscow. He will not repeat the error.


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