The uncomfortable truth about Israel

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

The uncomfortable truth about Israel is that is another consequences of the American disengagement (or re engagement towards old enemies) of the US from the Middle East.

Israel, without the US or another big brother, has a limited window of opportunity before the numerically superior neighbors/ enemies regroup against it.

So it needs to take the opportunity the settle accounts for the future before is too late (plus there is gas in the Palestinian side of the sea….and Israel has a big energy issue – in 2000 British Gas found that offshore Gaza there are $4 billion of gas reserves in a search sponsored by BG and the Palestinian Investment Fund).

In a sense the surge of the Islamic State is a bit suspect as it creates an “hornets nest” that is more worrisome than Israel State to the Arab monarchies (even Hezbollah cannot participate in the war as it is strained against IS). After a bit of search I found this ….no one knows if it is real or not…but makes sense.

In one of less publicized files released from Snowden (the turncoat American spy) says that the head of IS had been trained on purpose to create the Islamic State.

According to Snowden’s file, “The only solution for the protection of the” Jewish State “is to create an enemy near its borders, BUT to draw against Islamic states who oppose his presence.”.

In reality, whatever it is, after 600 years of tension the Middle East is arriving to a major melting point. No one can prevent it (apart using nukes), you just need to watch carefully.

In this period I am more geopolitically oriented than sharemarket – until the FED supports the market and nothing happen the market will stay like this- climbing a wall of worry. But we are on thin ice….and I am trying to understand where is the break. Plus it is really interesting – better than any spy-fiction books I read -terribly the victims are real.



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