Putin and the West

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday apparently Putin called Washington and said this is my evidence (you can find it on Russia Today) and asked the American to show their evidence…..and they said they had NONE.

Apart the evident back-pedalling just from the day before, for me it seems strange with all the American hardware around (the media are always talking of Russian support o the rebels, but they somehow fail to mention that the US is providing full support (from surveillance to military advisors and weaponry – hence the improved performance of the Ukrainian Army since Crimea). 

It is not possible that the US was not looking at Eastern Ukraine. Probably the truth is a bit different than the media spin.

The US have to give an honourable escape route  to Putin. As Russian history goes Russian Government that loses power in Russia, does not end very well. It is not just an electoral defeat – usually you can choose between being killed, disappeared or run away (and, as happened to Trotzky, usually they will find you).

So, if they continue on this path the only logical strategy for Putin is to become more violent and aggressive.

Also because his rise was due to Yeltsin humiliation in Kosovo – where Serbia got defeated by NATO- Russia brokered a peace, but the NATO promise of using Russian peace keeper was soon forgotten. Yeltsin was dismissed in disgrace in 2000 and died in 2007 apparently of natural causes. 

The other failed President was Khrushchev (again humiliated during the Cuban missile crisis) and deposed in 1964. After depression, with a 400 rubles monthly pension, he died of supposed heart attack in 1971.

And if you think that Vladimir Putin is evil …please go an read Russian history. It might be that the era of the first Putin will be see an era of freedom and enlightenment for Russia.

The still most revered leaders in Russia are Lenin and Stalin that killed (excluding the World Wars) at least 15 millions.

And as post scriptum in case anyone forgot, Russia has still 1,500 operational nuclear warheads. OK a little bit less than the Americans at 1,650, but enough to send us all into history!

So the political developments are more interesting than the actual fight to guess the outcomes.


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