Why save Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and not Syria

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The news is the US, UN, France and Germany is sending troops to pacify DRC.

Again it is a bunch a African rebels against the all powerful  Syrian Army….that is why.

Wrong again!

DRC have some of the largest reserves of Cobalt (alloys for jet and gas turbine), tantalum (jet engines, nuclear bombs and missiles) , tungsten (electronics, missiles and ammunition).

Old story, sadly boring! realpolitik at its worst for you!

By the way, also North Korea, since it found the largest reserves of rare earth (weapons, electronics) after China  , is having close talk with South Korea (and US) and soon I bet will see a realignment towards the West (the executed famous uncle of the North Korea President was China best ally).

PS that is also why China is so interested in Africa. No space for good men


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