Battle 2741

Posted: February 12, 2019 in Uncategorized

As wrote the 5th February, the battle rages on. There has been an attempt the 5th and 6th February, but it has been defeated.

Now until we stay above 2680/2990 it is a continuation of this battle.

A lot verges in the President Trump/President Xi communications and what the media say about it.

My personal opinion (not analysis) is that they will talk on the phone and then meet in March (there is too much to organize between now and end of month as there is also the meeting President trump/President Kim (South Korea).

In that case the sanctions will not be increased March 1st and the market would be happy and it would move the battle to 1780/1820.

Consolidation is at 2,650.

The support is at 2,600.

We are still in a Bear Market Rally scenario – but often with the negativity in the media and in the financial institutions the market likes to defy expectation. It could be even prepping in a buy the noise sell the news situation (graphically consistent with a top of this move in late April/early May).


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