North Korea; above all fears

Posted: August 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

As my readers knows, North Korea never went away and the most scary US date is after the 1 September – when there is an executive order which vetoes all American to be in North Korea.

But already this week things started to ramp up leading to war.

All started with the UN sanctions, supported by China, that really hit North Korea and could see the North Korean economy collapse within 6 month.

In answer Kim promised revenge.

Then President Trump ordered North Korea to stop threatening the US, otherwise he will unleash powers that the world have never seen before.

A few seconds ago, North Korea issued a statement that is considering a preemptive missile strike on Guam, the US base from where the US nuclear bombers are stationed.

Unfortunately war look more and more unavoidable a pre emptive strike is actually a real choice as after a US strike is hard to respond. Strangely Kim is trying to avoid confrontation (you do not warn others of a pre emptive strike) – but President Trump draw a red line and definitely he does not want to look like President Obama in Syria.

Hopefully North Korea will not have prepared for asymmetric warfare* like the Russians otherwise the sea of fire will become really a sea of fire.

And also Kim said that his issue with the US only – so he will not attack any country unless they support the US. Please Australia don’t go in another mad US war.

*Asymmetric is where you adopt deceiving tactics to confront a superior military enemy – in case of North Korea can be cyberwar, sleepers terrorist cells in the US or even a nuclear bomb packed in a container ship or a submarine in a suicide mission.



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