Immigration as a weapon of war

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is not an article pro or against i migration. It simply looking at immigration as a weapon of war.

The latest immense flow of immigrant has been created by the US with the various wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and, to a certain extent Syria.

There are different studies like the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University that bears the name «Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War>> in 2008. It is a uni study, but the President of the Belfer Center was working for the (Bill) Clinton administration and close to the Pentagon.

Also Obama gave the go ahead to the “Nudge” program which uses behavioral science to study how to manipulate group of people.

Soros, the investment guru and friend of the Clinton, has been using its Open Society Foundations, is actively encouraging migration (Skynews found several booklets on the Lesbo Island in Greece with the name of “Migrant Handbook” of his foundation).

So there is a  clear pattern  and people of the elites committing resources to this new kind of war.

But why?

Well minority groups can be better manipulated, immigration creates great money making opportunities if you are in that business (Italian police carabinieri already arrested several politicians around it – and also found out that the immigration business is more lucrative than drugs).

Moreover, in several European countries citizenship is automatic after 5 years…so large masses of immigrants will be able to vote soon – for the party that allowed it.

Also, the mass immigration provide disruption in Europe and will not allow it to be powerful again (the Belfer Study has been committed at the peak of the financial crisis which was threatening to collapse the USA).

How it will end. Well unless a populist candidate takes over (like Le Pens or Brexit) – it will not.

But sometime destiny takes care of itself in a funny way. In several instances (Australia, North/South Italy etc) the waves of first immigrants, once settled, become the sternest adversaries of new waves of immigration and vote right – contrary to the expectations of the elites.


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