Saudi Arabia halts Yemen airstrikes

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday Saudi Arabia stated that there was no end in sight to the Yemen Air Campaign as the mission was succesfull, but not accomplished (restoration of the previous king and retreat of Houthis forces).

Today Saudi Arabia announced – we won! And stopped the campaign – what happened?

I think that Saudi had to bow to international pressure.

The US was starting to be worried as Al Qaeda took great advantage of the not-so-precise Saudi air campaign (as it was not the US bombing no one in the West cared about the imprecision). Al Qaeda in Yemen is considered the strongest remaining Al Qaeda branch.

Also Iran must have pulled some strings as a few hours before the ceasefire, Iran announced that they were expecting a deal.

Probably they told the US – stop the Saudis or no nuclear agreement.

Real politic at his best.

The Saudi had to obey, but are still in full alert as they mobilized their best troops, the National Guard, to move close to the border- before they were  just the normal Saudi Land Forces

So on the ground we are back to the status quo – with the Houthis weakened, but still there. Actually if I was them I would try to entice the American by “taking care” of Al Qaeda in Yemen.


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