On Europe, Ukraine Minsk Agreement and Greece/Germany

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

In Ukraine the Minsk agreement has been signed.

It is practically a Russian victory and the direct presence of Vladimir Putin confirms the substance of the agreement.

The reality is more foggy, as usual.

The ceasefire is very much on the line of the September agreement which was not respected.

The other real counterpart of the conflict (US) has not been invited and did not participate.

There are a few point that are not clear (as the latest “contact zones” have been left out.

The agreement is very important as – if the US start sending weapon to Ukraine -we will find ourselves with a full on Cold War with all the consequences. And nobody will be spared as cyber and economic warfare are now part of the standard weapons.

Staying in Europe, but going south, Germany and Greece seems to work on a compromise working the classic European magic of saving face for both side of the conflict – without solving anything as everything is just a debt reclassification.

Magic until the population will rebel. But as I always says until 2017 with the French election and the potential victory of Marie Le Pen, we will be probably safe.

Then we could have a new French revolution of sort – not as violent, possibly.


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