007 – A view to a kill – this time for real – French CEO Total anti- petro dollar dies! A new Enrico Mattei case?

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

The private air plane of the French CEO of energy giant Total crashed taking off from Moscow airport and the CEO Christophe de Margerie dies.

The French CEO is famous for wanting to de – dollarise the French oil transaction and, notwithstanding the US mandated sanctions, he continued the collaboration with Russia.

An accident, on which a criminal investigation has been opened.

And naturally it opens the door to conspiracy theories.

Instead for me it opens the memory of  the death, again in a private jet, of Enrico Mattei in 1962 – the CEO of the Italian energy giant ENI.

Mattei has been heralded as a great Italian functionary and was challenging the dominance of the US oil 7 sisters in the world.

The following is not a conspiracy theory but  what happened in Italy in 1962 as seen by the Italian Court of Law

In 1967 a first inquiry judged the event an accident.

In 1994  the inquiry reopened due a turncoat Mafia killer, Mr. Gaetano Ianni.

At the end of the inquest, 1998, the Italian Court of Law proved that it was an act of terrorism ( a limited charge behind the cockpit).

The kill was requested by the American Cosa Nostra (Napolean Mafia) as Enrico Mattei was damaging US interests in the Middle East.

The following CEO Egidio Egidi, in 1963 changed the entire strategy of ENI with the decision to eliminate the research department of ENI and buy oil from the Americans.

And that is HISTORY.


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