Russian sanctions – side effects

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Russian sanctions seems pretty soft, but they hit at the core of the European Union.

France is the largest agricultural exporter of Europe and the weaker of the “great” members of Europe.

Already in semi depression it can foster further downturn, social unrest and raising split within the EU. Also Spain and Italy will be hit.

It creates a precise wedge into the EU and so NATO. 

Already Jaques Myard of the National Assembly of France says

“The European Union and its member states have made a serious mistake [by imposing sanctions on Russia] because the Ukrainian conflict involving Russian-speaking rebels is a completely regional conflict, a consequence of the Soviet Union collapse and what had happened before, in particular, during the Second World War, when many Ukrainians fought alongside the Nazis,” Myard said.

Instead of limiting this internal conflict, the European Union has turned it into an international conflict between Russia, the EU and the United States by imposing sanctions, the lawmaker stressed.

“Under current conditions, when France is experiencing economic, financial and budgetary difficulties, it’s at least suicidal to harm our exports to Russia, which are important and necessary for the creation of jobs in France and for our trade balance. The government and the EU are acting as fools,” the French lawmaker said.

(From Le Figaro). 

The EU can take much less pain than the Russian can. Specially for a US mandated war.

Also Australian meat exporter suffered a blow-back estimated in over 400 million, with an economy that just set the worst unemployed record in the last 10 years at 6.4%

Once KGB, always KGB –

PS Russia is already diversifying its import from Iran (goods for oil swap) and South America (Argentina and Chile), between others.


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