China issues: what the general media will not tell you

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The blog of the Wall Street Journal reports that in Season Joy City (reported as a remote Bejing suburb – in reality Tripadvisor says that is the 11th Bejin attraction with one of the best shopping centres) offer “buy one floor. receive a free floor” plus no down payment for two and a half week and free kitchen and 4 air conditioning units.

Barclays says that the downturn is more serious than 2008. Gavekal (fund manager with Bejing research house) says that developers are in a real hurry to sell.

On my behalf, I was talking to a friend that does business with China (in relation to property fittings) and deals with approximately 50 factories. They were all begging him for new work.

If these kind of  news hit the mainstream media….this rally would stop in a second.


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