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The US Senate Democrat changed a rule that requested to have 60 Senators to end a roadblock to a US Presidential nomination..

Practically if President Obama wanted to elect a judicial or executive representative (except US Supreme Court), unless he had 60 Senators, the nomination could be blocked by a small minority (read Tea Party). It has been a symbol of the US Congress gridlock and survived dozens of attacks, but not today.

This is just a small insight on what is happening in the Congress in trying to decrease the gridlocks caused by the Tea Party and in preparation for the new showdown in January.

If this pattern continuous and its ramifications get pick up by investors we could see an early start of the Stock Christmas rally.



US: Republican wars

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the US there is a showdown between Republicans, Normal VS Tea Party. 

This time the battleground is an immigration law, which practically gives an easier pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrant, specially from South America,

Yes this is an all American problem, but it is interesting to see who will be the winner as the winner will have control over the Republican Party in the next January battle US Government Shutdown and US Debt Ceiling. 

US Congress and Game theory

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

President Obama almost won the battle with the Republican and he is almost cocky about it.

Game theory says that now he should concede some wins to the Republican, in order to allow them an honorable defeat.

But President Obama stance is very uncompromising at the moment “My way or the highway”. If it keeps like that he could get

a default for real.

Also in  the Republican Party is starting to appear a serious crack between the moderate “pro business” Republican and the Tea Party members.

The latest from Washington say that a deal is not even close…the various factions just agreed to talk.

The market is setting itself up for a kill (like the old James Bond movie). As you can see it has attacked three times Area 1,670. Usually it takes three to five times to take on a strong support. There is also a different action this time. The other two times, the last 5 minutes someone saved the boat (green lines) …this time the last 5 minutes  someone sank the boat.

The market now, to tell you the truth, is in neutral now. But below 1,670 there are the algorithm based machines programmed for automatic sell with target 1,625 (for Australian ASX200 4,927).

Personally I think that the market has been very complacent with the US Congress and their stupid squabbles and now is just to sound a wake up call. A view to a the graph shows