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Turkey and Israel

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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After years of enmities after the flotilla Palestinian aid disaster relationship between the two countries are starting to warm up again for a series of interests.

– They are studying how to co develop a gas basin situated in sea between Israel and Turkey (Lebanon and Syria) and also a gas pipeline

– Turkey is one of the main actors involved against Syria (allied with the Hezbollah) and after trying to involve more the US (there are unconfirmed report that the famous gas attack was in reality a false flag attack organized or by Turkey or Saudi secret services), is trying to create escalation motifs (recently they shot down a Syrian warplane and there has been at least one artillery exchange between Syria and Turkey. Moreover the Turkish PM Erogodan has plenty of issues that needs distraction and, in case of Assad’s Syria win…all the freedom fighters will return to Turkey – also the one linked to Al Qaeda.

-Israel never forgot the technically lost war against Hezbollah (first ever Israeli Defence Force (IDF)defeat) and currently Hezbollah are accumulating vast stockpiles of missiles against Israel

-The US is clearly not interested on intervening

-The IDF is developing a very focused suite of new weapons aimed at Hezbollah with the last war lessons (specifically smart long range artillery munitions

I wonder if Turkey and Israel are considering to solve this issue, once and for all. Definitely Assad and Hezbollah cannot fight against Israel and Turkey. Yes a weird combination…but when real politik calls (well probably it would not be explicitly  advertised in the media as a joint operation…Jew/Sunni against Shia)