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Apart the latest raft of bad news on “bad loan” in China (everybody knows that anyway), China in November will held the I 18th CCP Central Committee where the main focus will be the liberalization of the financial system (gradual as usual) – it is expected that they also  will make it easier for wealthy Chinese to invest abroad…this could be a huge amount of money (the Chinese savings stands at USD 4.2 trillion – double the US savings) if you think how many rich Chinese kids are already studying abroad – it actually could be the spark that ignite the “blow off top”.


Syria: US and Russia

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The market are rising on the hope of a done deal.

I am investigating more on the issue, but I am  skeptical.

1. The example of Iran tells me that often these are just delaying tactics, usually

2. Russia will want to get something of the negotiation and it has to be seen if the US agrees to it

3. Even if they do agree – the Syrian gas stockpile are secret and not really known (nor where they are, nor how much). So how anyone can broke such a deal is unknown to me.

But as usual there will be something else going on under the fog of war.

Meanwhile enjoy the rally, but treat it as a trap.


After further studies I can confirm it is a trap to weaken the already weak position of Obama by Putin in real KGB style, The Russian proposal is un-achievable for various motives

1. Syria just said that it welcomed the proposal (not accepted)

2. The stockpiles are unknown – presumed more than 1,000 ton in more than 50 sites

3. The best Chemical Disposal units can dispose a max of 25 tons a day…so u would look into an operation of many months with chemical specialist teams and strong UN defense complement (given by whom)  per site in the middle of a civil war.

A great move in the warm war against the US – President Putin was Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB in Dresden, East Germany. Once KGB, always KGB. And President Obama is in a tight corner indeed.

Sp 500 destination 1580

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The sp500 closed under its 10 weeks average and also the RSI is weakening. In all it seems we are going towards the 35 moving average 1580 before the next Fed reserve meeting (18 Sept)