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Yesterday the markets -0.9%….but it just needed such a small loss to take away any gain since the 29 May! And the first time we saw SP500 1,867 was 4th March.

The market is struggling push over (SP500: 1,900 and DJ 16,000) and is waiting a catalyst to follow the breakdown in NASDAQ and Russell 2000. It still can push a bit higher before capitulating, but there are so many signs of weakness.

Everyone sees a small correction and that worries me…..when everybody agrees on something I am always wary.

The ASX 200 already entered a negative phase as the Budget is looming.


It looks like the classic November consolidation has been done and the market is prepping up for a Xmas rally.

The last hurdle will be the Fed Meeting 18-19 December (any indication of tapering). But starting tapering in the midst of the holiday season with the recent speeches of Yellen seems unlikely.

This week is Thanksgiving week – typically with light volumes (Thanksgiving is Thursday) and Black Friday will show us the mood of the retail spender in the US.

Also one of the last geopolitical hurdles is dissipating (deal with Iran).