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So they tell you that this is the free market …the reign of the capitalism!

As usual they tell you lies. Two weeks ago someone sold at market minute and 30 seconds after the close of the US market a position worth 1/3 of the volume of the previous day. As the index was closed it has not been registered.

Yesterday happened the inverse as it shows in the graph posted below. In the last 5 minutes someone bought so much that moved the entire US index by 0.4%. Long live the free market.

So what we do about it? Play the game. This (and also the looming real battle on the Ceiling Debt) will be a buy opportunity. Probably not now…let the US Debt Ceiling pass.

But be wary that soon or later someone (if you think about the size of the move you can find the guilty) will lose control of the markets. Not now, not soon…but it will happenImage