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It seems that in Iraq (and soon Syria) is experiencing a surge of security contractors – the new fashionable word for mercenaries.

There are already more than 5,000 security contractors and they are on the rise.

President Obama knows that airplanes alone cannot defeat Islamic State and, on average, the Iraqi or the Peshmenga forces are not up to the task.

So why not use contractors?

They are efficient (often ex special forces), deniable and politically unaccountable.

Ok there are some minus as the Second Iraq showed (torture, the three American contractor killed in Felluja and hanged, some potential killing of Iraqis civilian (still in court to be decided) – but a much more acceptable solution than boots on the ground, for now.

So the tactic will be air combat, a number of  Special Forces units and contractors. And very little media coverage.

A smart little dirty war. Well you can’t really play fair against Islamic State. Definitely smarter than the previous engagements.