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The RBA is lashing against the SMSF pushing the property price up (5% in a few months in Sydney and Melbourne).

Yes that is a cause. But  there is another cause more politically incorrect that pushes the house prices up and actually threatens even to disrupt the Australian life as we know it.

I saw a survey of CSLA (an Asian Research House Specialized in trends) that surveyed the Chinese middle class (350 millions) and analyzing the survey it looks like a large part of them (circa 45%) plan to emigrate in the next decade for various reason (environment, children, security etc). Going through the numbers it looks like 17 millions are thinking Australia ( Sydney first, then Melbourne) as destination of choice (first is Canada). Australia now stands at about 22 millions people.

You can see the issue. This has clear impact not only on real estate, but on Australia in general.

I am not racist, nor I have any particular issues with Chinese- actually I have quite good Chinese friends – but such large population changes should be of extreme importance to our politicians.

Naturally this change will also influence investments, airports, casinos and betting, shopping centers, A-REIT specialised in apartments ,  schools – linked investment, hospitals and pathology labs.