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The first round of negotiation between the US and Iran have ended with a “no deal” – but everyone is much more positive than ever, A solution is in sight.

This is another leg of the revolutions are happening around the world that will shape the world as we know it in the next decade, but most too narrow focus to see.

A re-alignment between Iran and the USA have consequences directly in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and indirect consequences on Israel, Saudi Arabia (and satellites) and Turkey. Saudi Arabia is already said to be in talks to acquire nuclear warheads from Pakistan, if Tehran is allowed to go nuclear.

It is almost funny to see how Iran and US have much more in common than US and the Saudis.

Other geo political revolutions are the neo-isolationism of the US (practically letting mini regional superpower battle out for regional supremacy) while still maintaining a technological advantage in case of all-out war, the resurgence of Japan (also in military terms) and Russia and the European decadence.