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Today I received an UNCONFIRMED Demark signal .

It is difficult to explain, but essentially it happened 6 times in history.

3 times marked major crash (also May 2008)

1 time a 20% drop and 16 years of “going no where market”

2 times a 10% drop and a 1.5 year of going nowhere market.

It is UNCONFIRMED and can be disproved.

On the other side we have the VIX at 16.29 – High Danger Area (over 17.98 is big trouble with target 28)

And October, statistically, is 17% more volatile than September.

Let’s say …it does not look good.

The Fed this week intervened heavily, but succeeded just not to make the Dow Jones and SP 500 not crash. But all other indexes sustained damages.