Victoria unsustainable lockdown Part 2

Posted: August 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

The real first day of the stage 4 lock down are showing some terrible data.

I saw some modelling and it shows that infection will peak to 1,000 for the enxt 8 days.

What is most scary is that by the end of the lock down models show still a 300 people a day in mid September and a return to pre second wave by end of October (by the way consistent with the Sweden timeline with NO lockdown.

The hit on Victorian economy is AU$3 billion a week (vs A$1 billion a week in Stage 3).

Disruption in supply chain, increase in suicides, death by other illnesses (diabetes leading).

A government with clearly no strategy and no sense in what they are doing.

Also a constitutional issue for Australia – clearly the Federal government has no power to intervene in local matters even in emergency cases.


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