Victorian Second LockDown – a non-sustainable approach

Posted: August 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

We are now in a second lockdown that will cripple Victoria for a number of years.

I am not here to criticise Dan Andrews (I already spoke about this) or be a Covid-19 denier.

I am just criticising the approach.

We are in a second lockdown and there is no assurance that at the end of this lockdown things will be better.

Actually it has been shown that almost all the cases are genomically traceable to the Quarantine Hotel Bungle – probably 2 to 4 people infected.

By 13 September you can be sure there will be a dozen of infected people not respecting the quarantine. And what…after 3 weeks we go back to lockdown and 80% of business fail?

Also, politics and media like to sensationalize.

Last year circa 160,000 Australian died of cancer and serious sicknesses. 3,855 from flue.

The Spanish flue (quite talked about by the media ) killed 0.3% of the Australian population (Covid-19 0.0008%)

There are a 20 excess suicides per week on the average and 700 extra death for diabetes (less prevention) – font ABS.

A sustainable approach would be a “Sweden Hard” –

No large gathering,

Compulsory masks

Real hefty fines (proportional to wealth status with ATO checks. So if you are in a lower ATO bracket you pay $2,000 if you are in the top marginal rate you pay $50,000+) and even jail for Covid-19 positive. Or to the extreme GPS bracelet tracking.

The issue is that all this is not sustainable and we cannot wait the vaccine to reopen the economy – the earliest widely available could be March 2021, if we are lucky.


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