Victoria – a second wave of economic pain sparked by Dan Andrews

Posted: July 8, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Victoria is in lockdown again.

As I reported before most of the cases came from the mismanagement of the quarantine hotel. By the way the same security agency that had the contract for the quarantine hotel got the job for the towers.

The second issue was the Black Lives Matter – admitting that there is no linkage to known cases (which is not true as one BLM protester and store worker in H &M was one of the first transmission cases).

By looking at the pure numbers font Deputy medical Officer of Victoria) number are bad, but do not stuck up for a mass hysteria pandemic.

The Covid-19 numbers that sparked the closure was 191 (the day after they got reclassified to 164, due to double up) of which 75 from the infamous towers and 33 from the quarantine hotel.

This is on a total of 23,000 tests in that day and excluding false positive (on average 3%, font Food and Drug Administration).

This means 0.71%. of which just 20% had symptoms.

So much so that the current number in the hospitals due to Covid-19 Victoria are (not one day but overall) 41 people in hospital and 7 in ICU (in May/June 2019 there were 21,800 cases on influenza in Victoria, 37 people dead, hospitalisation rate 3.4%).

For this “scare” Australia has already reached the maximum withdrawal from Super (early super access A$27Bn) and Victoria closure will cost between A$1 and A$2 a week.

It will cost 1% of Australian GDP and the closure of many small businesses like cafes and restaurant.

Even worst the modelling from Brain and Mind Centre that suicides had already spiked by 750 in the fist lockdown and could spike to 1,500.

You can make up up mind, too angry to write it.

A simple mandatory face mask wearing would have solved the situation.


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