President Trump vs Biden

Posted: June 25, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Font – Washington Times

Black Lives Matters damaged seriously President Trump campaign who is now seriously lagging Biden. While this is a serious blow ā€“ he was similarly lagging Clinton in July 2016.

CNN and the media are in general are pushing this lead as the end of President chance of being reelected.

I call it wishful thinking.

My call is that we need to see the state of the US economy in September to understand, but we should see if President Trump starts to panic and do something that compromise his chances like restarting a trade war.

The big plus for President Trump is that Biden wants to roll back part of the corporate tax. At the end most voters vote with their wallets and protesters usually do not vote.

The data point and the Fed stimulus point at a good market for September.

Also we should have a vaccine by Moderna in September (currently in Stage 3) . A vaccine release would be a huge boost.

Statistically the market has a good history of returns when the exiting president is Republican. Contrary to the common perception a Democrat President statistically is overall better for the market.

Not a conspiracy theory – but a reality Mr Moncef Slaoui has been nominated for Operation Warp Speed in developing the vaccine. Mr. Moncef Slaoui resigned from the bard of Moderna last week. Coincidences.

So the President battle is still wide open and still has President Trump in advantage – contrary to the media.


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