Coronavirus: stop the media

Posted: February 28, 2020 in Uncategorized

The coronavirus fear is stoking the flame of disaster from the stock market to racism.

While it is bad it is very different from an black plague event.

If you scour the web for data you will understand.

Deaths are lower than the flu and no deaths under 40yo. I saw interviews of previous patients saying that it is mostly like a light flue.

The real issue is that it can spread very easily and it is a problem for older people or people with previous diseases. This 2 factor can contribute to overwhelm the beds available in any hospitals. And hospital beds costs between AUD250 to AUD500.

So it is more an management and economical issue that a black plague event.

Look at the death toll numbers.

Coronavirus exceeds 2,700. Flu this year exceed 12,000. Swine flu killed over 575,000 people!

Kill the media spread fear


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