Trump: the tariff man

Posted: June 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

Trump is escalating war with everyone. Aside China – I agree on it myself – lately is really start to look unhinged.

He placed tariffs on India. He wanted to place tariffs on Australia (then the military convinced him otherwise) and he is placing tariffs on Mexico.

Especially with Mexico it is alarming. He is using the tariffs to try and stop illegal migration.

This is particularly worrying as it set a precedent. “Do as we say or we will sanction tariff against you. Next target could be well be Europe – if Europe does not provide funds for NATO – here we go …tariffs.

This, as a private citizen, it would be coercion. Or Mafia. If you do not pay up – we punish you.

This is really scary – the most powerful state in the world with an unhinged President and a “Dr. Strangelove” (John Bolton) as adviser.


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