Media and tariffs

Posted: May 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

I am no fan of President Trump, but the media is very biased.

It is true that tariffs have a direct repercussion on the consumer (US and Chinese alike), but running some numbers the number are very low.

An increase from 10% to 25% on USD200 billion is…USD30BN.

Monday stock market rout spurred by the media costed USD700 billion!!

The total taxes that US taxpayers pays each year is USD5.51 trillion and US GDP is USD20.5 trillion. Even if President Trump hit every single Chinese product the number would be USD135 billion.

Too little to have an effect on the US. Also the spat with US farmers is bad…but only for rich farmers. But US consumer is happy as wheat cost 20% less.

All in all is a battle for the US Presidency.

The media, Democratic leaning for the majority are trying to crash the stock market – as this would damage Trump re-eelction pprospects.

President Trump wants to llook hard on China – as Democrats are soft on China – and there is a rising story of the son of ex VP Biden, primary Dem candidate, signing a major private contract just two days after his father visit to China during Obama (as he did with Ukraine.

So, do not listen make your own mind.


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