President Trump at the U.N.

Posted: September 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

President Trump went at the UN and they laughed at him.


Actually there is nothing to laugh. He made clear his “America First” idea, chose us of them kind of politics and refusal of international rules.

He also mostly praised regimes with an authoritarian bent (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Poland etc) and kind of avoided mentioning more democratic regimes like France and Germany.

It all had of a kind of flavor of Germany and Italy early 1930 (rise of the fascism).

Even the tariff war with China is slightly developing in a more military war. The US sanctioned the Chinese military as they bought Russian jet fighters and the Chinese forbid the USS Wasp from making a stop in Hong Kong.

Thucydides, a old Greece historian, said about the Peloponnese wars, quoting

“it was the rise of Athens and the fear that it instilled in Sparta that made the war inevitable”.

A lesson from 2400 years ago eerily sound familiar. For the record, Sparta, the old power, won at great cost.


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