Tariff Wars: All hail President Trump. He is right!

Posted: September 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am not pro President Trump – but I am neutral – trying to stand by the facts.

Notwithstanding the media and the consequences President Trump is correct in attacking China whatever the consequences.

An unofficial document has been leaked from China, known has the Green Book. The Green Book details the underlying goals of the Made in China 2025 plan (which does not have goals) . The goals, if achieved, would virtually annihilate any tech and new technology competition in China. The goals is to achieve 56% of the world market of integrated circuits (so all technology) by 2025 and 80% of the entire domestic market by 2030.

This would bring a destruction (wipe-out level) of industries and jobs like it happened in steel and solar. Chinese companies backed by government subsidies, cheap funding from State Owned Enterprise and sometime dodgy behavior would wipe out the Western economies and Western jobs.

Unfortunately, the President is more right than President Obama and all the other leaders. It is a fight to the death.


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