End of Australian Democracy

Posted: August 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Democracy is when a leader of a nation is elected by the people. Australia does not have an elected Prime Minister serving its full term since…John Howard (2007).

All the following PMs were “disposed of” by their own party peers. A bit like in a kingdom, when there is regicide. Well, at least for now we are more civilized about it.

From the latest news stream it seems that Dutton, Homeland security minister, is going to challenge PM Turnbull in the next two weeks  and Rupert Murdoch, the kingmaker,  arrived in Sydney the 10th August.

So PMcide is going to be committed soon.

Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs, is unfortunately famous for being racist and using wrong statistics to strike fear and push for a back to White Australia policy.

I am by no mean a libertarian – yes there is an issue with African gang – but they constitute only 27% of crimes – very far away from being a crime wave of African origin.

There is a violence issue, but it is more related to socio-economic issue (the majority of crimes are committed -50% of the State prison population comes from 6% of the state postcode (and 25% from 2% of postcode).

We have an amazing police force that catches most of the criminal and an appalling court system that releases most of them.

But if Dutton becomes Prime Minister we will have to stop teasing Trump as he is even worse.

Or maybe he is the Australian we need to have to wake up as citizens and really push forward some politicians that really care about Australians (wildfires, drought stricken farmers, mortgage stress etc) .


Advance Australia fair.


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