USA and North Korea -the real summit

Posted: June 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

I dare to say that all media and commentator got the summit wrong.

A summit, by definition, is an establishment of rapport. There is no winner or loser. It is simply to give power to the real negotiators to negotiate with the full backing of the powers they represent.

Saying it is a North Korea or Chinese win is just an anti-Trump media scoring point. If it was President Obama the media would have already demanded a Nobel peace award).

The summit dispelled 70 years of mistrust and put the basis of serious talks from ground zero.

Yes, we do not know the future and the wording was similar to the 1994 agreement. But that agreement was never backed in person by the Commander in Chief of each nation.

So give to President Trump what is of President Trump. He has done what no US President ever succeeded to do.

Now a new era is open. We do not know if it ill be a success or not.

It could even deliver a blow to China if Kim leans towards the US.


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