Battle for Congress, part 2 – G7, Trump, Kim

Posted: June 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am quite surprise that with all the mega headline on G7 (or G6+1) the media at large is missing the point.

This is all the strategic battle for Trump not to lose Congress in the mid term election.

The G7 was a failure due to the US tariff against his own friend? No – it was a win for Trump’s electorate – President Trump DELIVERED what he promised – hit the one that undercut (or better said, are perceived to) the US. He delivered for his electorate.

The “peace” with Kim Yong Un. Yes nothing has changed (similar promises were made in 1994)* and potentially President Trump got into a China trap – doing what China wants.

He did not start another major war, the relations are much better than before and less military cost for the US to protect South Korea and Japan – again exactly what he promised the US electorate.

I also have two gripes (and I am not pro-Trump)

-If President Obama had a similar achievement (instead he had wars with Lybia, Ukraine, Syria partially) – the media would have give him already a Nobel prize.

-After 70 years of “at war” status – you cannot pretend a detailed peace prize. It is already very good that they did not left Singapore with the promise of killing each other.

In the middle east, President Trump made some kind of agreement with Israel and Russia to take care of it and repelled the Iran nuclear agreement. Again President Trump DELIVERED to his electorate.

So this is not a new President Trump going mad. It is simply the Republican strategy to hold on to the US Congress in November 2018.

As a strategy it is delivering. The Democrats were hopeful of a “blue wipe-out” (blue is part of the Dem symbol), the last election round instead showed a much more balanced situation.


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