Italy to the populists

Posted: May 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

I really do not like the “populist” name- it is a derogatory name used by the elites for something that they created…the continuous decrease of wealth of the middle class versus the insane amount of new wealth created for the ultra rich (total wealth portion for the ultra rich 2008 – 42.5% of the total wealth- in 2017 50.1% – an 18% increase in less than a decade! And Ultra High Rich (net worth over USD50 million increased 500% since 2000 – Font Credit Suisse).

But in a few countries democracy still lingers and now Movement Five Star and the League are forming a government.

As in the time of Rome, Italy took the best ideas from the attempted revolution in Greece to create a real revolution.

The market has not roiled yet a Italy decided a more subtle approach to the Greek that attacted too much attention and got squashed by the elite.

They are trying different thing that are quite revolutionary

  • citizenship guaranteed income(well the “medicare” has been invented by Mussolini)
  • Mass deportation of illegal migrants (circa 500,000)
  • New tax Rate – only two brackets in Irish – Eastern Europe style
  • Minimum Pension and no raising of the age pension
  • Revision of Italy’s debt vs Europe
  • better relation with Russia (the US sanctions damage Europe, not US)
  • A strange mini- BoT (mini Italian Treasury Bond that works like an alternative currency to the Euro) – almost a Quantitative Easing for people.

We will see if it works. Definitely the elites will try everything in their power to destroy as if they succeed the German vision of Europe will be destroyed and also, economically, Germany is always scared of Italy (before the Euro, every time Italy devalued the lira, Germany went into recession).

But if there is one nation that can beat Germany at their own games is Italy. And Italy cannot be ignored like Greece, Portugal, Spain as it is too large an economy.

If it works it could start a revolution that will spread like wildfire from Italy to Australia


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