Europe vs USA – now or never

Posted: May 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

The US is showing what does mean to be friend (subject) of the US.

The pattern started with Ukraine. The US imposed tariffs that mainly hit European and Russian companies, as there is very little trade between US and Russia.

Now the US is hitting unilaterally with sanctions US – and European company are asked to comply.

For the first time the EU is putting a “blocking Statue” that protects European companies from being hit from the US.

President Trump is pushing to bloc the Russian Gas North stream that generates massive income for the Russian economy – by keeping at ransom the German auto industry. It would block Russia and give a major boost to the US shale gas (and hinder European consumer as shipped gas will be more expensive and provoke inflation – the terror of the German economists).

This is the time where it will be decided if Europe will be his own country or a forever slave of the US empire.


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