Israel – fury and fire

Posted: May 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

First of all – my article is about geopolitics – nothing to do with pro or anti antisemitism.  Pure and simple Games of Thrones at State level.

What happened in Israel has been terrible – 55 killed (6 under 18) and about 2,000 (over 200 under 18) wounded (and the wounds from military grade weapons usually are life crippling). This is the outcome of some authorization of use extreme force, not a random event.

It is the culmination of two events – the recurrence of the birth of the state of Israel (a catastrophe for Palestinians) and the US Embassy move to Jerusalem.

The protest was huge 40,000 Palestinians (usually violent) and the answer of Israel was one of fire and fury.

No one is right here and the issues goes back to 1948….or if you want they go back to before the birth of Christ.

It is true that Israel got given (kind of…let’s not dig into it or we have to write a book) the land after the massacres of the Second World War – and, less known, it is true that Palestinians were in support of the Nazi  (Palestinian Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini was a prominent collaborator of Nazi Germany).

The interesting facts are instead analogies.

Both Syria and Ukraine fell in revolutions when the Government (elected in Ukraine, not so in Syria) started shooting against protests.

Why the government fell? Due to foreign intervention. Namely CIA, Saudi etc intervened to transform a protest into civil war by arming the protesters.

This is why Israel has such an issue with these protests and reacted so violently to them  – it is scared that these protests could lead Iran in doing the same thing.

Another interesting point the media are reporting the fact (how could you not?), but in a tone “Israel has the right to defend itself” (which it has – and it was wrong by Hamas to instigate the protests). If it was Russia or China the tone would be very different – immediately asking for US or UN intervention with horrifying pictures of dead children

Just to show you that the West is not the good guy – just another player in the Games of Thrones.


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